Colosseum Arena and Underground by Night Guided Tour (75 Min.)

from €75.00 EUR
Duration: 2 hours
 Organized by: Tickets & Tours Colosseum

Embark on an extraordinary journey through time with our exclusive evening tour of the Colosseum. This unparalleled experience offers a unique opportunity to explore one of Rome’s most iconic landmarks away from the daytime crowds. Delve into the heart of ancient Rome and uncover the secrets of this architectural marvel under the romantic glow of the moonlight.

Exclusive Access to Hidden Gems

Your adventure begins at a rendezvous point conveniently located just steps away from the Colosseum, where our knowledgeable, English-speaking guide will be waiting to welcome you. From there, you’ll be whisked away on a magical exploration that includes exclusive access to areas typically closed to the general public.

Colosseum Arena and Underground by Night Guided Tour

Colosseum Arena and Underground by Night Guided Tour

Imagine standing in the very arena where gladiators once fought for their lives, feeling the echoes of the past beneath your feet. Our tour grants you special entry to the Colosseum’s underground chambers, the arena floor, and the ground level, areas that bring the stories of ancient Rome to vivid life. You’ll journey through the underground tunnels where fierce animals were once caged, awaiting their moment in the spotlight, and walk the arena floor, tracing the steps of the gladiators.

Engaging Stories and Spectacular Views

As we navigate through these historic corridors, our guide will regale you with tales of epic battles, elaborate games, and the daily life of ancient Romans. Marvel at the ingenuity of Roman engineering and gain insights into the social, cultural, and political significance of the Colosseum. The nighttime setting adds a layer of mystique, allowing you to see this world-famous monument in a different light.

Highlights of the Night Tour

  • Lesser crowds: Night tours mean fewer tourists, allowing you to enjoy the Colosseum without the usual daytime throng.
  • Underground access: Delve into the intricate labyrinth of the Colosseum’s hypogeum.
  • Arena Floor access: Stand where gladiators once fought and feel the weight of history beneath your feet.
  • Guided tours: Learn about the Colosseum’s history from expert guides, who bring the past alive with riveting tales of gladiators, emperors, and the Roman populace.
  • Cooler temperatures: Rome can be hot during the day, making a night tour a more comfortable option.

Important Information

  • Meeting Point: Join us at our local office on Via Labicana. Please arrive 30 minutes before the tour begins to ensure a prompt departure.
  • What to Bring: A sense of adventure, and your passport or ID card (copies are acceptable). Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
  • Accessibility: Due to the historical nature of the Colosseum and its uneven surfaces, this tour may not be suitable for guests with mobility impairments or those using wheelchairs.
  • Please Note: Late arrivals cannot be accommodated and will not be eligible for refunds. The Colosseum has strict security measures; large bags and backpacks are not permitted.

This exclusive evening tour of the Colosseum is more than just a sightseeing excursion; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of ancient Rome, offering a unique perspective on its enduring legacy. Secure your place on this magical adventure and witness the Colosseum as few have seen it – bathed in the soft glow of moonlight, a testament to the ingenuity and spirit of the Roman Empire.

Join us and make memories that will last a lifetime, exploring the Colosseum under the moonlight. This tour is not just a visit; it’s an experience, a step back in time to when the Colosseum was the heart of the Roman Empire. Let us take you on this journey, where history and magic meet under the moonlit sky.

What's Included
  • Access to the heart of the Colosseum: The Underground Chambers, Arena Floor, and the first and second tiers.
  • A live guide to enrich your experience with tales of glory and intrigue.
  • Headsets for groups larger than six, ensuring you catch every detail.
  • Skip-the-line entrance for a seamless experience.
What's not Included

While we take care of the essentials, please note that hotel pickup and drop-off, food and drinks, and tips are not included in this tour. This allows for a customizable experience tailored to your preferences.

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