Colosseum by Night Guided Tour (75 Min.)

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from €79.00 EUR
Duration: 75 Min.
 Organized by: Discover Rome Tours

Navigate the fascinating Colosseum, the epitome of ancient Roman engineering, on a captivating night tour that’s second to none. Relish the exclusive chance to explore restricted sections, savor the genius of Roman engineering, and be a part of the history that lights up the Colosseum under the Roman moonlight.

Step Into Time: Colosseum Night Experience

Your magical journey commences outside the Colosseum metro station, a stone’s throw from the world-renowned monument. A warm welcome from our highly-skilled tour coordinator sets the stage for an unforgettable Roman escapade. Armed with your skip-the-line tickets, bid adieu to long queues and say hello to a world of ancient wonders.

An Exclusive Passage Through Subterranean Tunnels

Prepare to be dazzled as you venture into the hidden chambers and tunnels, a part of the Colosseum rarely seen by the public eye. With access to these restricted zones, your exploration is elevated to a whole new level of intimacy. This is where the real magic unfolds, in the quiet chambers where once roared the sounds of ancient spectacles.

Colosseum by Night Guided Tour

Colosseum by Night Guided Tour – Underground Tunnels

Marvel at Engineering Wonders

Walk in awe across the marvelous arena floor and ponder upon the engineering brilliance of the 88 lifts, which once served as the backbone for Rome’s grandest shows. It’s a breathtaking experience to stand where legends once stood, a sense of connection to the history that’s palpable even today.

As you traverse the reconstructed arena floor, the sensation of walking on air takes over. The usual crowds are nowhere in sight, replaced by a haunting silence that adds a layer of mystique to your tour. In this exclusive setting, history feels closer than ever.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to experiencing Rome. Book your Colosseum night tour with us and unlock the magical, ancient world that awaits you under the Roman sky.

Crucial Information: IDs are Non-Negotiable

Every participant must carry a valid ID card or Passport. Ensure that these credentials match the name on your ticket, as any discrepancies will result in denied entry without the option for a refund.

What's Included
  • Tour Coordinator: Your go-to source for a seamless tour.
  • Certified Tour Guide: Embark on a guided tour with an expert who brings Rome’s history to life.
  • Skip-the-Line Tickets: Get fast-track access to the Colosseum without the hassle of long queues.
  • All Fees and Taxes Included: No hidden costs, what you see is what you get.
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