Colosseum Rome Tour Tips

Colosseum Night Tour

Colosseum Night Tour

Most visitors visit the Colosseum during the day, which is the most populous time to visit. Besides, a regular ticket you are going to purchase grants you access to the main sections of the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, you cannot visit the underground or the third tier. You can purchase these tickets from ticket offices or online for €18 and you can enjoy your visit for two subsequent days. It is worth noting that entrance is free on the first Sunday of each month. However, you may guess the crowd easily.

During the peak seasons, i.e., April to October, visitors can visit the Colosseum with VIP tours. These tours allow you to visit the Colosseum at night! We would like to emphasize that you cannot visit the Roman Forum or Palatine Hill on these VIP tours but only the Colosseum. However, unlike daytime tours, you can visit the underground section. These tours are guided tours and are available in predetermined periods. As you can guess, you do not have to worry about the crowd. Unlike daytime tours, you are going to explore this iconic structure with a limited number of visitors. This offers a unique and unforgettable experience in Rome for the visitors.

The first Colosseum Night tour we recommend is the Luna Sul Colosseo (in English “Moon over the Colosseum”), organized by the official Colosseum authorities. The price of this tour is 25 Euros for April 2024, and its duration is 1 hour. During this tour, you will visit the arena and the underground tunnels of the Colosseum, accompanied by the official tour staff. Bookings can be made by clicking on this link on the Coopculture website. It is important to note that the availability for this tour is extremely limited, and finding a slot is almost impossible, especially during the peak tourist season. Therefore, we have selected a variety of VIP tour plans for you to choose from below.

Official Colosseum Night Tour - Booking Screen

Official Colosseum Night Tour : Luna Sul Colosseo

There are many Colosseum and Rome tours that we compare on our site. Some of these tours are Colosseum night tours. The night tours we have compiled for you are as follows**.

Colosseum Underground by Night Guided Tour (2 hours)
58 Piazza del Colosseo

from €109.00 EUR
Duration: 2 hours
 Organized by: Italy With Family
1.378 Reviews

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing atmosphere of the Colosseum after dark, as you explore its intriguing underground dungeons and iconic arena floor, taking you on a journey through the he […]
Colosseum Sunset Tour
Basilica of the Saints Cosmas and Damian

from €89 EUR (per person)
Duration: 1 hour
 Organized by: Vivicos International Travel
96 Reviews

Rome, a city that wears its history like a crown, is not just about daytime explorations. We invite you to witness the iconic Colosseum under the dramatic hues of sunset, an experience that […]
Colosseum Evening Tour with Arena Floor Access
Foro Traiano, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

from €119.00 EUR 
Duration: 2 hours
 Organized by: City Wonders Ltd.
562 Reviews

One of the world's most iconic symbols of antiquity, the Colosseum, has much to offer its visitors. In the hushed whispers of twilight, this majestic relic of the past casts an unforgettabl […]
Colosseum Twilight Tour
41.892407, 12.492319

from €109.60 EUR 
Duration: 2 hours
 Seller: Crown Tours
432 Reviews

Unveiling the obscured enigmas of Rome's forgotten epoch can be an exhilarating adventure. It's as if we're time-traveling on a twilight journey that spans from the majestic Colosseum to th […]

What to Expect from the Colosseum Night Tours?

  • You will have a chance to learn more about the history of the Colosseum in a small group and enjoy the spectacular look of the complex with a stunning night background in the image.
  • Enjoy your opportunity to visit the underground and arena floor. Keep in mind that the areas you can access will be determined by the Colosseum staff in all VIP Colosseum tours at night.
  • You can enjoy your time in the Colosseum with the least populated period of time. This offers a great opportunity to explore the area and learn more about the history and facts about the Colosseum.
  • Visiting the Colosseum at night is a great and unforgettable experience in Rome. Besides its gorgeous look, you will have a chance to experience it at night.
Colosseum at night in Rome Italy

Immerse yourself in the vibrant history of Rome, brought to life under the shimmering moonlight with the exclusive Colosseum Night Tour. This unique nocturnal experience offers you the opportunity to discover the enigmatic allure of the world’s largest amphitheater in an entirely different light – quite literally.

Alternative to Colosseum Night Tour

It may seem very contradictory, but the closest alternative to the Colosseum night tour is the early morning tour of the Colosseum. We want to talk about the reasons and make a tour suggestion.

Colosseum VIP Early Morning Tour (Private Group)
Via del Colosseo, number 24

from €349.00 EUR
Duration: 75 Minutes
 Organized by: The Ultimate Italy
182 Reviews

Embark on an exclusive early morning tour of the Colosseum in Rome, a unique VIP experience set within a cozy group of just seven participants. Bypass the crowds, board a panoramic elevator […]

Much like its nocturnal counterpart, this fascinating journey through antiquity offers you a leisurely exploration of one of the world’s most iconic landmarks, the Colosseum, an architectural marvel and testament to the grandeur of the Roman Empire.

Experiencing the Colosseum at dawn brings its own unique charm. As the first rays of the sun bathe the ancient amphitheater, the stone arches and corridors appear to come alive, telling stories from centuries past in a hushed whisper. This serene setting lets you absorb the historical magnitude of the place without being overwhelmed by the usual hustle and bustle. With a cap of around 3.000 visitors at any one time during the day, the morning tour affords you the luxury of visiting the monument when it is relatively quieter.

The warmth of Rome’s summer months can indeed be overpowering. While the Night Tour offers a respite from the scorching sun, the Early Morning Tour is an equally effective remedy. As the city still slumbers, you can avoid the searing midday sun and high temperatures, exploring the vast expanse of the Colosseum in the pleasant cool of the early morning. There’s something magical about standing in the heart of the colossal arena, the morning breeze as your companion, enjoying the Colosseum without the distraction of the heat.

An added benefit of the Early Morning Tour, like the Night Tour, is the small group size. A more intimate experience, these tours afford you the space and time to fully appreciate the rich history and architectural brilliance of the Colosseum. You can engage with your knowledgeable guide, ask questions, and gain deeper insights into the spectacles and gladiatorial contests that once echoed through the vast amphitheater.

In conclusion, the Colosseum Early Morning Tour, much like its night-time counterpart, provides a tranquil, comfortable, and in-depth exploration of this Roman marvel. If you’re an early bird who wants to beat the heat and the crowds while delving into history, this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

Top 5 Reasons to Book the Rome Night Tours

Here are top 5 reasons about why you may want to book the Rome night tours!

Enjoy and Explore the Colosseum at Dark

Enjoy and Explore the Colosseum at Dark the Colosseum at night definitely offers you a unique experience. Although you might visit the area during the daytime, you can still enjoy it with a totally different perspective under the stars. The fascinating lighting reflected on the walls of this complex will take you to ancient times. We assure you are going to enjoyy a unique experience by simply witnessing the façade of the Colosseum at night.

Details from Colosseum night tour : The Colosseum at moon night.

Colosseum Night Tours

Detail from Colosseum Night Tour : A night photography of the interior of the Colosseum clearly showing the underfloor tunnels.

Colosseum by night tour

Colosseum by night tour, details. The Colosseum takes on a haunting and awe-inspiring aura after dark, making it a must-see on your nighttime tour of Rome.

Visit the Vatican at Night

Although the Vatican is officially the smallest city in the world, it can offer you numerous beauties, masterpieces, and unforgettable experiences. It is one of the busiest attractions in Italy, especially during the daytime. If you are looking for a more peaceful experience, then you need to visit the Vatican at night! In this way, you can enjoy more space, explore the beauties of the city, witness numerous masterpieces with a limited number of people. You can even enjoy the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums without any limitations. No doubt that the Vatican will seem much different at night than your visit in the daytime.

Enjoy Unlimited and Peaceful Shopping at Night

Did you think that life stops in Rome at all? If so, you are wrong since all shops are open at night and offer a peaceful shopping experience for both locals and foreigners. Moreover, you can get rid of the noise. You do not have to worry about the heat too! Thus, it can be one of the best shopping experiences you ever had in any part of the world. Besides a unique experience, you can also wander in the streets of Rome and visit some of the most iconic attractions such as the Spanish Steps and Via del Corso.They can be great destinations to relax after intense shopping.

Let Trevi Fountain Amaze You with Its Glory at Night

Although there are more than 2,000 fountains in Rome, Trevi Fountain is the most famous one among them. This 30 meters high and 20 meters long structure can be breathtaking especially during the afternoon. However, you can have more time and space to appreciate the beauty of this fountain in the dark, especially when it is lit with special lighting. Without a doubt, the image of the water god, Oceanus, can amaze you with its glory under the lighting. You can also notice special details on the structure, which bare eyes cannot notice under daylight.

Trevi Fountain by night.

Trevi Fountain by night.

Piazza Navona by Night

Piazza Navona is another must-see destination for nighttime sightseeing in Rome. Built on the site of the ancient Stadium of Domitian, the piazza has been a bustling center of activity since the 15th century. Today, it’s home to several stunning Baroque masterpieces, including the Fountain of the Four Rivers and the Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone.

Piazza Navona by night, Rome, Italy

Piazza Navona by night, Rome, Italy

As evening descends on Piazza Navona, street performers, artists, and visitors flock to the square, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. The piazza’s fountains and buildings are beautifully illuminated, making it a perfect spot for a romantic stroll or some late-night gelato.

Wander around the piazza to appreciate its various architectural marrvels, and make sure to visit the surrounding streets and alleys. These narrow lanes offer a unique and intimate perspective on Piazza Navona and its stunning attractions.

Rome Has a Different Personality at Night

Locals prefer to be more active during the night due to the crowded visitors rushing to attractions in peak seasons. If you want to enjoy this relaxing and peaceful city like locals, this tour offers you a great opportunity. You may even encounter an outdoor play or concert to enjoy your time! We highly recommend sparing some time to enjoy your time in the old Piazza and witness how locals spend their time.

Castel Sant'Angelo by night - Rome Night Tours

Castel Sant’Angelo by night – Rome Night Tours

It is hard to say, which one is the best time to explore Rome, day, or night? One thing we are sure of is Rome offers totally unique adventures in these two separate periods of the day. Like it or not, we recommend giving it a shot for both time periods. If you are looking for a peaceful trip and exploration, we believe you are going to love Rome at night. You can avoid the busy traffic, crowded venues and enjoy your peace of mind!

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