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A trip to Rome is not complete without a visit to the Roman Forum. No other place in Europe is so steeped in history. Although the ruins that remain today do not adequately evoke the great splendour of the ancient world, the bowl between the Campidoglio, Palatino and Viminal, with its towering and overturned columns of the temples of the Curia, its decayed basilicas and triumphal arches, its forums and remains of walls, is nevertheless extremely impressive.

This is where the fate of Europe was decided for centuries; for a millennium the might of the Roman Empire and the beauty of art, Roman law and ancient religious beliefs were expressed here in an overwhelming style. The most significant buildings are described below.

Roman Forum


The Tabularium was erected by Q. Lutatius Catulus in 78 B.C. The bronze tablets of laws and decrees...

Roman Forum

Curia Julia

The Curia Julia (Curia Lulia), the Roman Senate’s most ancient meeting-place, probably stood on the...

Roman Forum

Column of Phocas

The Column of Phocas is the last classical memory of the Roman Forum. It bases on a stepped brick...

Roman Forum

Basilica Julia

The Basilica Julia consists of the long south side of the Roman Forum and is verged on the west by...

Roman Forum

Temple of Saturn

Temple of Saturn was among the earliest temples in Rome and was set up in 497 B.C. on the site, as...