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Capuchin Crypt, which goes to once both shocking and fascinating. A collection of tiny chapels beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini consist of the bones and mummied remains of an approximated 4.000 monks.

Avoid the lines to the Capuchin Crypt in Rome and skip the crowds with this entry ticket as you discover the crypt at your very own speed.

Begin your visit at the Capuchin Museums to discover the place’s culture and spirituality. Continue towards the Crypt of the Three Bones, the only location where the human bones can be seen in its basic whole.

Next, see the Crypt of the Leg Bones and also Thigh Bones. Appreciate the Crypt of the Pelvises, which consists of 2 Capuchins serenely reclining in a curved setting. Take a look at the crosses on the ground, which note the tombs of the 7 Capuchins. Stroll via the Crypt of the Skulls and look into its renowned hourglass.


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  • Skip the line ticket.
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  • Resort pick-up and drop off,
  • Live Guided Tour.
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Also known as the S. Maria della Concezione, this Barberini church provides one of the more macabre experiences in Rome for visitors who like that sort of thing. Five underground chapels are neatly decorated with the skulls and bones of more than 4000 Friars plus a few sons of noble families who died in childhood.

The earth in which they were interred before being reassembled as wall decorations was brought here from the Holy Land. Some of the monks’ skeletons are on display complete with hooded cowl. Very ghoulish! In the last century the church became notorious because of a certain Friar Pacifico who was believed to have foreknowledge of the winning numbers in the National Lottery. He was sent out of Rome by the Pope, but he gave a final set of winning numbers to his large following of pious punters. Metropolitana Barberini.

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