Palazzo Barberini & Galleria Corsini Tickets: Explore Renaissance & Baroque Gems

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Embark on a timeless journey through art and history with a visit to two of Rome’s most prestigious cultural treasures: Palazzo Barberini and Galleria Corsini. These historic sites offer a unique glimpse into the splendor of Renaissance and Baroque art, featuring masterpieces by illustrious artists such as Raphael, Caravaggio, Canaletto, and Holbein.

A Dual Heritage of Art and Elegance

Palazzo Barberini: A Renaissance Masterpiece

Nestled in the heart of Rome, Palazzo Barberini stands as a testament to the richness of Italian Renaissance art. With its three expansive floors of artistic marvels, visitors are invited to explore an era where art and culture flourished. Highlights include:

  • Frescoed Ceilings: Admire the ethereal beauty of Pietro da Cortona’s ceiling frescoes, where clouds and divine figures dance in a stunning display of artistic prowess.
  • Iconic Paintings: Encounter the works of Raphael and Caravaggio, whose canvases continue to captivate with their emotional depth and technical excellence.
  • Sculptural and Architectural Wonders: Beyond paintings, Palazzo Barberini’s architecture and sculptural works reflect the innovative spirit of the Renaissance.

Galleria Corsini: A Baroque Voyage

As part of your ticket, Galleria Corsini opens its doors to a world where Baroque grandeur meets artistic brilliance. This palace, dating back to the early 16th century, once welcomed Queen Christina of Sweden. Today, it houses:

  • Baroque Masterpieces: Explore a collection that includes Beato Angelico, Pieter Paul Rubens, and Guido Reni.
  • A Royal Residence: Galleria Corsini’s opulent rooms and galleries offer a glimpse into the lifestyle of European nobility.
  • Sculptures and Bronzes: The collection extends beyond paintings to include exquisite examples of sculpture and bronze work, highlighting the diverse talents of the era’s artists.

Your visit to Palazzo Barberini and Galleria Corsini is enhanced by additional features that make this experience truly unforgettable:

  • Pemcards App: With each ticket, gain access to a unique digital experience. Capture moments with your favorite artworks and send customized postcards to loved ones, bridging the gap between past and present.
  • Self-Guided Exploration: Wander through the palaces at your leisure, discovering hidden gems and the stories behind each masterpiece. The freedom to explore ensures a personal connection with the art and history that surrounds you.

Embarking on a visit to Palazzo Barberini and Galleria Corsini offers more than just an art exhibition; it provides a deep dive into the heart of Renaissance and Baroque Rome. As you traverse these historic halls, you’re not just observing art; you’re stepping into a rich tapestry of history, culture, and unparalleled beauty. Each painting, sculpture, and fresco tells a story of genius, innovation, and passion that continues to resonate through the ages.

Welcome to a world where the past is always present, and art speaks across centuries. Welcome to Palazzo Barberini and Galleria Corsini!

What's Included
  • Admission to Both Palaces: One ticket grants access to an unparalleled collection of art spanning two iconic locations.
  • Digital Postcard Feature: Utilize the complimentary Pemcards app to create and send personalized memories of your visit.
What's not Included
  • Guided Tours: To fully immerse yourself in the history and art, consider booking a guided tour for a more in-depth exploration.
  • Audio Guides: Available for rental, audio guides offer insights into the palaces’ most significant works and their creators.
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Useful Info

The Palazzo Barberini (1625-33) was built by Carlo Maderno with the help of Borromini and completed by Bernini for the powerful Barberini family. Part of the family collection is still housed here but this, along with the building and the rest of the contents, now belongs to the state.

The palace’s most important room is the Gran Salone whose centre-piece is Pietro da Cortona’s ceiling painting The Allegory of Divine Providence (1638-9), which celebrates the virtues of Pope Urban VIII for whom it was painted. Italian painting of the 13th to 16th centuries is well represented, with works by Fra Angelico, Perugino, Filippo Lippi, Lorenzo Lotto and Andrea del Sarto. Most famous of all is Raphael’s La Fomarina (thought to be a portrait of his mistress). There are also works by Bronzino, Caravaggio and Canaletto and a portrait of England’s King Henry VIII by Holbein.

The Palazzo Corsini, located across Rome in Trastevere, was originally built in the 15th century for Cardinal Riario and rebuilt in the 18th century for Cardinal Corsini by Ferdinando Fuga. The part of the National Gallery housed here includes paintings by Rubens, Murillo, Brueghel, Caravaggio and Guido Reni, together with a rare portrait of Bernini by Baciccia and 17th- and 18th-century regional Italian art.

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