Skip the Line Colosseum with Arena Floor + Professional Guided Tour

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Duration: 1-4 Hours
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You’ll have access to Colosseum with skip-the-line tickets and discover forbidden areas for the general public with your English-Speaking professional tour guide and learn the secrets of this ancient landmark of Rome.

Visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill on a guided tour of all three attractions. Learn all about everyday Roman life, the Colosseum’s gory history, and the city’s rumored founding hill.

After entering the Colosseum, walk around the amphitheater as your guide brings history to life. Stand in the once off-limits arena floor and imagine the roaring crowds from the gladiators’ perspective.

Next up, visit the Roman Forum which was full of grand, classical architecture and a marketplace. It was the epicenter of Roman political, religious, and social life and was home to the Temple of Julius Caesar and Roman Senate.

Finally, walk up to Palatine Hill, the reputed birthplace of Rome and the centermost of the Seven Hills of Rome. From the hill, enjoy the panoramic scenery of Rome, including exceptional views over the Roman Forum and Colosseum.

Useful Info

The Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheater) remains the most memorable monument surviving from ancient Rome. Its construction began in 72 AD by Vespasian on the site of the Stagnum Neronis, an artificial lake built by Emperor Nero near his house on the adjacent Oppian Hill for his pleasure.

The Colosseum was eventually dedicated by Titus in 80 AD. It is recorded that at the building’s opening ceremony, which lasted three months, over 500 exotic beasts and many hundreds of gladiators were slain in the arena. These types of spectacles lasted until 405 AD when they were abolished. The building was severely damaged by an earthquake in the fifth century AD and since then it has been used as a fortress and as a supply source for construction material for Vatican buildings.

What we see today is nothing compared to what the building used to look like. In its prime, it was covered with marble, and each portico was filled with a marble statue of some important Roman.

The Colosseum used to be fully elliptical and could hold over 50,000 people. Each of the three tiers is supported by a different set of columns: Doric for the base, Ionic for the middle, and Corinthian for the top. Inside, the first tier of seats was reserved for the knights and tribunes, the second tier for citizens, and the third tier for the lower classes. The Emperor, Senators, Government Officials and Vestal Virgins sat on marble thrones on a raised platform that went around the entire arena.

Inside the arena, we can see vestiges of the subterranean passages that were used to transport the wild beasts. Human-powered elevators were employed to get the animals up to the Colosseum floor. At times the arena was flooded to allow for the performance of mock naval battles. Unremarkable architecturally, the Colosseum is still an engineering marvel to admire. A great site for kids to explore.

  • Visit three iconic Roman monuments that are the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill on a guided tour,
  • Visualize the heart of Roman the political, social, and religious life at the Roman Forum,
  • Let your expert guide bring ancient history to life at each attraction,
  • See panoramic view of Rome including the Colosseum and Circus Maximus from Palatine Hill,
    Learn all about daily life in Ancient Rome from your expert guide.
What's Included
  • Skip-the-line access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill,
  • Professional guided tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill (in English, German, French, Spanish,  Portuguese and Italian),
  • Assistance.
What's not Included
  • Skipping the security (security control is compulsory or every tour & ticket types),
  • Entrance to the underground of Colosseum.
Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 1 day before tour starts.

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