Skip the Line Tour: Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

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Start your journey to the past with probably one of the TOP10 marvelous places on earth: Colosseum.

While you are looking around at the Colosseum, let your expert guide tell you everything about the history of this place, including the battles of gladiators with each other and with wild animals, as well as many political intrigues. You will be surprised to hear that the Gladiators did not always get things right and that ancient Roman engineering made it possible to watch naval battles in the Colosseum.

Your next stop will be heart of the Rome: Roman Forum.  A trip to Rome is not complete without a visit to the Roman Forum. No other place in Europe is so steeped in history. Although the ruins that remain today do not adequately evoke the great splendour of the ancient world, the bowl between the Campidoglio, Palatino and Viminal, with its towering and overturned columns of the temples of the Curia, its decayed basilicas and triumphal arches, its forums and remains of walls, is nevertheless extremely impressive.  Your next stop will be the “0 point” of the Rome: Palatine Hill. This place is where Romulus decided to found the city of Rome in 753 BC – this decision resulted in a tragedy for Remus, brother of Romulus, though. While you are learning the story of this impressive place, look around and enjoy amazing view.

Skip the Line Tour Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Skip the Line Tour Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

The Sacred Way, a.k.a. Via Sacra, and the Forum were both the center of ancient Rome. Everything related with Roman life, from trading to political activities, sacred ceremonies as well as military parades took place in these two places.

Don’t waste a minute waiting in the line, explore the history of Rome and enjoy the most of it, with this 3-hour tour into the heart of the ancient city.

  • Don’t wait in the line and spend that extra time exploring the most well-known sites of Ancient Rome,
  • Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill are waiting for you,
  • Listen to your expert guide making you picturize the moments from gladiators, emperors and wild animals with stories and myths,
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