Tiber River: Hop-on Hop-off Boat Cruise Tickets

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Duration: 1 Hour 15 Min.
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Why not to feel like an emperor when you have the chance? Stop driving and wasting your time in the traffic jam and explore Rome by boat, from the sea. Sail on the Tiber and stop by the next historical area when you wish.

You are done with that area? Hop on the boat again and sail for the next one – so good! You have the chance to stop by at 5 different locations: Ponte Sant’ Angelo, Isola Tiberina, Castel Sant’ Angelo, Piazza del Popolo and lastly, Justice Palace.

You can choose the roundtrip option or 24-hours option to sail and explore Rome by boat – as you wish. Since the boats sail twice each hour, you will not spend time waiting for it. You will feel the history all around Rome while you are exploring various historical locations. While you are sailing, onboard guidance will make you learn three different eras of Rome: Ancient Rome that provided democracy to the world, papal Rome where civilization emerged and modern Rome, the amazing city that you can see today. Having the chance to explore this stunning city from the sea? You can’t miss this!

  • Explore Tiber River around which Remus and Romulus grow up and that saw more emperors and popes until today than others around the world,
  • Be close to and feel the aura of many renovated historical places like Pantheon, Campo de’ Fiori and even the Vatican City,
  • Make your mind, choose 24-hour trip or roundtrip and start exploring – your trip, so you should define the pace,
  • Multi-language audio guide.
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Useful Info

The Tevere (Tiber) is a muddy uninviting river which in winter and spring rises and falls rapidly inside its steep embankments built at the -end of the last century to put an end to centuries of regular floods within the city walls. Some efforts are being made to encourage boat trips for tourists during the summer. At the time of going to press there is no regular service, although an efficient water bus service would do much to ease traffic congestion along the Lungotevere on both sides of the river.

Ponte Fabricio (also known as the Ponte dei Quattro Capi or Bridge of the Four Heads) connects the city with the Isola Tiberina. It is the second oldest bridge in Rome built in 62 BC. The inscription commemorating the builder Lucius Fabricius has survived almost intact.

Ponte Milvio In the northern suburbs of the city this is the oldest existing bridge across the Tiber dating from 109 bc, but it was partly destroyed by Garibaldi in 1849 to halt the French troops advancing on Rome. It was then restored the following year. Since 1978 the bridge has been closed to motor traffic for safety reasons. On this bridge in ad 312, one of the decisive battles of the ancient world was fought between the Emperors Constantine and Maxentius. Constantine won and became the first Christian Emperor of Rome.

Ponte Cestio connecting the Isola Tiberina to the right-hand bank of the Tevere or Trastevere, was erected in the first century BC by Lucius Cestius. It has been much restored, the last time in 1892.

Ponte Sant Angelo is opposite the Castel S. Angelo and the three central arches are the ancient remains of the Ponte Elia which originally led to Hadrian’s family mausoleum. Pope Clement VII commissioned the statues of SS Peter and Paul in 1535 while the ten statues of angels, one of the finest creations of Roman baroque were designed by Bernini and executed by his pupils in 1668.

Ponte Sisto was built by Pope Sixtus IV in 1474 on the site of a bridge originally built by Marcus Aurelius which collapsed during the Middle Ages. The aim was to relieve the growing pressure on pilgrim traffic across the Tiber to the Vatican during Holy Years.

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