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Well, if you worry about that tiger following you and getting prepared to attack you – no more. Equip your clothes and weapon at the gladiator school! Here in Tivoli, you will learn how the real life of and a combat for a gladiator were.

Equip some wooden (or steel) weapons after you try gladiator clothing on and the combat lesson will start for you! Don’t worry, no tigers or lions around, just prove that you will earn that medal!

  • Visit the reconstructed Gladiator academy, called as “Ludus Hadriani”, where gladiators once trained and girt themselves with a sword!
  • Let your guide tell you some details about the weapons from Roman era. You can take photos at the museum inside the complex and you can even try the gladiator clothing on!
  • If you wish, you can also try to use some of the weapons and if you are successful enough, you can earn a medal as well!
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