Villa d'Este with Hadrian's Villa: Guided Day-Tour

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Duration: 7 Hours
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Leave Rome behind and take the road for Tivoli, where you will start your whole-day tour to explore the best two villas in Rome – Villa D’Este and Hadrian’s Villa. You will also have some time to explore some other impressive estates.

Head towards Hadrian’s Villa that was once greater compared to the city center of Rome and built by the Emperor Hadrian in 2nd century. The villa is the most luxurious and greatest one built in Italy and it contains mesmerizing temples, theaters, thermal baths, pools and imperial palaces.

Have some break during lunch time and then, with your guide telling you the history and important milestones regarding the Villa D’Este, explore the villa that remains until today from the late Renaissance era. The villa was once owned by Lucrezia Borgia’s son but what makes it that much famous is the amazing trees in its amazing garden as well as mesmerizing fountains and waterfalls like Le Cento Fontane and Fontana dell’Ovato.

In the garden of the villa, you can see the caryatids of Serapeum and Canopus, the pool, a hand-made cave dedicated to the god Serapis and named after a city in Egypt. You can also explore the Maritime Theatre, a place where a small Roman house can be found and considered as probably a place to run away from the city life.

  • Explore the best two villas from Renaissance era in outlying districts of Rome,
  • Gallivant the Italian-style gardens of Villa d’Este,
  • Visit Hadrian’s Villa that received, once upon a time, more attention and importance than the Rome,
  • Be awed by the caryatids of Serapeum and Canopus.
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Useful Info

The marvellous garden of this villa with its landscape of grottoes, rocks, and fountains was the work of a churchman, Cardinal Ippolito d’Este, who retired here in 1550.

This fantastic combination of planting and stonework, which includes many learned architectural ‘quotes’, gave rise to a genre which was imitated throughout Europe: the Mannerist garden. The capricious park is laid out round the Viale delle Cento Fontane, a wide avenue flanked by mossy fountains and invaded by exuberant vegetation. Fragonard and Hubert Robert painted here, and Liszt dedicated one of his most romantic pieces to the gardens of the Villa d’Este.

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