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Go back in time and explore the remains of Roman Emperor Hadrian’s retreat place, with fountains, gardens, pools and steam baths and many more. Without a doubt, emperor Hadrian was one of the best ones in Roman history. He was keen on Greek culture, he was humanist and his CV was at that time – impressive.

He accomplished to rebuild the Pantheon during his emperorship and also – this amazing villa outside of the city of Rome. Hadrian’s Villa is located in Tivoli and one can see architectural touches from Greece, Egypt and Rome – the aim was to create an “ideal”. The place became an official residence for the Emperor Hadrian around 128 AD although it was originally founded as a retreat place for him.

This place is simply a complex that constitutes classical buildings and a large park on over 80 hectares and it also had houses, ruins and SPAs from 18th century. The popular ones are a hand-made island serving as a private place for the Emperor called as “Teatro Marittimo”, a large pool with sculptures around called as “The Canopo” and a temple-like building said to be built by Hadrian after his lover Antinous drowned in Egypt.

If you visit Villa Adriana, you will have the chance to learn about the life of a Roman emperor and see the gardens, architectural masterpieces, pools and arcades. This was definitely a perfect place for Hadrian to run away from the hassle of Rome.

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On returning from his eastern provinces in AD 126, Hadrian decided to build a pleasure villa at Tivoli where he could re-create all the wonders he had encountered in the course of his travels.

Work went ahead at great speed, so that by 134 the Villa Adriana was practically complete. To walk among the ruins in their setting of cypresses and pines is to take an erudite journey through the history of classical architecture.

The reproduction of an Athenian monument (the Pecile or Stoa Poikile) and the evocation of the Vale of Tempe reveal the emperor’s fascination for everything Greek. This peace-loving sovereign had also been struck by the wonders of Egypt; a canal (the Canopus) running through a manmade valley recalls the waterway connecting Alexandria with the Temple of Serapis at Canope.

Hadrian was particularly fond of this feature; its banks were lined with statues – copies of the caryatids from the Erechtheion in Athens – whose reflections were captured in the water below. It also reminded him of his young favourite Antinoiis, who had drowned in the Nile. The so-called Maritime Theatre throws further light on Hadrian’s artistic refinement and on his character: the emperor loved to retire to this little island which was accessible only by miniature swing bridges and where he could enjoy a solitude ideal for study and contemplation.

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