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Colosseum Guided Tour with 3D Virtual Reality Experience

Colosseum Guided Tour with 3D Virtual Reality Experience (3).jpg
Colosseum Guided Tour with 3D Virtual Reality Experience (3).jpg
Colosseum Guided Tour with 3D Virtual Reality Experience (1).jpg
Colosseum Guided Tour with 3D Virtual Reality Experience (2).jpg
1 Piazza del Colosseo Roma Lazio 00184 IT

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from €57.00 EUR
Duration: 2 Hours
 Organized by: Ancient and Recent

Get a virtual reality tour via Old Rome on a distinct, multi-sensory professional guided tour of the Roman Colosseum. Your adventure will certainly be improved much more by virtual reality remodelings of the bordering architecture so you can obtain a suggestion of what Ancient Rome actually appeared like hundreds of years back. Stroll in the footprints of the Old Romans and discover the amazing background of the once-great Great Roman Empire.

Meet your tour guide to gather your skip-line-entry ticket and advanced Oculus Virtual Reality headset. After that, follow in the steps of the roman emperors, gladiators and Ancient Roman citizens that would certainly fill up the area to view the blood-curdling spectacles of the Ancient Roman Empire. Take in the holler of the savage lions and also roman gladiators in fight as the Colosseum is brought to life prior to your eyes.

Gain access to various locations of this magnificent sign of Eternal City, consisting of the outside statuary to Emperor Nero and the upstairs tiers where the groups would certainly rest. Follow your tour guide to the first stage to finish your virtual reality exploration, and experience the mystical (and usually unidentified to travelers) below ground places to see the slaves relocating calmly all around as they organize to make each program a success.

Utilizing your Virtual Reality glasses, traveling via different passages and see roman gladiators preparing to enter into fight. Obtain a great take a look at an in-depth remodeling of the hoists (typically unseen to site visitors) that were used to all of a sudden project animals right into the arena, and a lot more.

What is Included?

  • Professional Tour Guide (in English),
  • Skip-the-line entry ticket to the Roman Colosseum,Forum and Palatine Hill,
  • Assistant for the Virtual Reality headset,
  • Audio guide.

What is not Included?

  • Access to the Underground (Hypogeum), Arena Floor and the Third Ring of Colosseum,
  • Hotel Transportation.
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 Organized by: City Wonders
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Colosseum Guided Tour with 3D Virtual Reality Experience (1).jpg 3 months ago
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