Baths of Diocletian Tour

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Once upon a time, in ancient Rome, thermal baths and facilities were here instead of these ruins. It was all about relaxation and refreshing when an ancient Roman came here.

Embark on a captivating half-day tour through the National Roman Museum and Baths of Diocletian, a treasure trove of Roman art and architecture, and step into the world of Michelangelo.

Baths of Diocletian: A Testament to Roman Grandeur

Journey into the past as you explore the impressive Baths of Diocletian, an expansive bath complex built by Emperor Diocletian. Once the largest of its kind in Rome, this extraordinary site is now home to breathtaking ancient Roman art and architecture.

Baths of Diocletian and National Roman Museum Tour

Baths of Diocletian and National Roman Museum Tour

Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli: A Fusion of Art and Science

Discover the architectural masterpiece of the Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli, a church designed by Michelangelo. Not only a striking example of Renaissance architecture, but the basilica also houses an intricate planetary sundial constructed by 17th-century astronomers for Pope Clement XI.

A Stroll Through the National Roman Museum

Palazzo Massimo – Rich Frescoes and Mosaics: Admire the intricate artwork housed within the Palazzo Massimo, part of the National Roman Museum. This world-renowned museum contains an array of vibrant frescoes, such as those from the Garden Villa of Empress Livia, as well as stunning mosaics that offer a glimpse into the lives of ancient Romans.

Sculptures and Tombs – Exploring the Imperial Palace: Unveil the secrets of Rome’s imperial palace through its lost statues, such as Myron’s Discobolus (Discus Thrower) and the Old Boxer. Alongside these iconic sculptures, you will encounter tombs of various shapes and sizes, each telling its own unique story.

Embark on this unforgettable journey through the National Roman Museum and Baths of Diocletian, where you will experience the best of Rome’s hidden artistic and architectural gems. Reserve your spot today for a truly immersive experience!

  • Marvel at the stunning Terme di Diocleziano
  • Uncover the architectural splendor of Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli
  • Revel in the opportunity to explore world-class art away from the crowds
  • Immerse yourself in a comprehensive 3-hour tour with a knowledgeable guide
What's Included
  • Entrance tickets to the museum
  • 3-hour guided tour with a professional guide
  • Pick-up from your hotel (in the city center)
What's not Included
  • Gratuities
  • Drop-off (can be provided at an additional cost)
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Useful Info

Baths of Diocletian is the biggest public baths in Rome were built between ad 298-306 and could hold 3000 bathers – about twice the capacity of the Terme di Caracalla.

The ground plan was roughly the same – a walled outer perimeter enclosing gardens, exercise rooms and hot and cold pools. The tepidarium was converted by Michelangelo into the Church of S. Maria degli Angeli in 1566.

The remains of the calidarium now form the external facade of the church. Most of the remains of the terme are now occupied by the Museo Nazionale delle Terme (National Museum; one of the most important collections in the world of ancient sculpture, painting and mosaics, and sarcophagi). The setting is very appropriate as it was the custom in the ancient world to decorate public baths with works of art.

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