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The art collection of the rich, worthy Borghese family quickly came to be too huge for a solitary residence. It relocated right into the Galleria Borghese – a separate structure in the famous Villa Borghese park.

In 1901, the collection passed into the hands of the Italian authorities and also since, travelers take a trip from around the entire world to see this gorgeous museum! Timed tickets are tough to find by, so grab your own before they’re all gone!

A visit here is a trip into the rarefied air of Renaissance highlife and a chance to commune with artistic masterpieces from Renaissance masters.

What's Included
  • Entry to the Borghese Gallery,
  • Entry to the temporary exhibition (if available).
What's not Included
  • Guided Tour.
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Cancellations and changes are not possible for this ticket.

Useful Info

The first Borghese Pope, Paul V, bought this splendid Renaissance palace shortly after it was built for a fellow Cardinal in 1605. The palace is known as cembalo, for its curious shape resembles the harpsichord.

It was here that Paul’s nephew, Cardinal Scipio Borghese, founded his famous art collection now transferred to the Villa Borghese. Although the palace is not open to the public, the courtyard with its double loggias and hidden garden is worth more than a passing glance. The legendary Pauline Bonaparte, Napoleon’s sister, who married Prince Camillo Borghese and enlivened early 19th-century Rome with her amorous exploits, lived here.

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