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You are in Rome, you should enjoy it! Visit one of the biggest zoological parks in Europe. If you are keen on living a different type of experience, then the historical buildings and ancient work-of-arts can wait for a while. Let Bioparco, the Zoo of Rome impress you as it has been impressing its visitors since the year 1911.

Bioparco is more than a zoo. It is like a campus where conserved and high-quality wildlife exists with more than 200 species (mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds!) from all around the world as well as different educational programs offered to visitors and professionals.

Explore the wild species of all sizes from different locations on earth in the lush environment surrounding you and offers an exotic aura. Learn how these species are endangered, how their habitats are affected as well as how you can contribute to prevent these lovely beings become extinct.

See the life of several wild animals like tigers, leopards, hippos, giraffes, birds, snakes, monkeys and many more on your way. You will see how all living creatures are diverse and you will remember that every one of us is responsible for not to make them extinct.

Kids will enjoy Bioparco much more than those Roman work of arts and wildlife lover adults will be amazed by this stunning environment.

  • A little bit tired of traditional city tours? Just try one of the most amazing zoological parks in Europe,
  • Use your chance to see many different wild and exotic species like leopards, grizzly bears, frogs, snakes, monkeys, Komodo dragons, tigers and more,
  • Be ready to learn how humanity affects the environment, how volunteers try to conserve the natural life and endangered species and the ways you can follow to contribute.
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