Forum of Augustus: Evening Show Tickets

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You should enjoy some themed evenings in Rome! Do you want to go back in time to Ancient Rome? Try the amazing and interactive Augustus Evening Show’s Forum.

Lights of different colors, projections on the ruin wall, amazing music and Ancient Rome. You come, you saw, you got entertained!

While you are on your feet on Roman stairs, astonishing multimedia show will take you to the time of Ancient Rome. Enjoy the show on the ruin walls and just imagine how it would be to live in the Ancient Rome!

The producer of the narration is Piero Angela and he is one of the best science journalists in the world. Careful – you are standing on the land once Augustus reigned and expanded the borders of the Roman Empire. Learn the story well!

This interactive event that offers multimedia show will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your journey in Rome. Realize that you are standing by the remains of a religious building once served as a temple and was almost ten floors high.

  • Ready for a show on the ruin walls and watch an amazing video while you are on your feet on a Roman staircase?
  • Get to know Rome’s history as well as Augustus’ period during the imperial expansion of Rome,
  • You will remember the night forever, thanks to the story told by Piero Angela, the well-known science journalist.
What's Included
  • Entry to the show,
  • Audioguide with headset.
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Cancellations and changes are not possible for this ticket.

Useful Info

During his reign Emperor Augustus inaugurated an ambitious building programme, transforming Rome ‘from a city of brick into one of marble’, as he himself put it.

With the possible help of Greek architects, he constructed a new forum north of and at right angles to Julius Caesar’s. Two sides of it were lined with immense colonnades, and its focus was a white marble temple. Completed in 2 BC, the temple was filled with treasures and dedicated to Mars Ultor (Mars the Avenger) in commemoration of Augustus’ victory at Philippi (42 BC), where retribution for Caesar’s murder was exacted.

A high wall, which still exists at the rear of the Forum, separated it from the poor, densely populated Subura district which lay between the Esquiline and Viminal hills. Little else survives here other than three of the temple’s columns and, to the west of the Forum, the medieval Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi (House of the Knights of Rhodes) where the atrium is all that remains of the Augustan palace.

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