Forum of Caesar: Evening Show Tickets

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Hear the sound of extravaganza that comes from Ancient Rome and telling the story of Julius Caesar and feel the shock!

The lightshow, the projection show and the music will take you to the time of Ancient Rome, while you are standing in the Trajan Forum.

You will be in one of the most tourist-wise popular archeological area and you will feel the aura of the temple that once hosted many events and activities in Rome. The amazing multimedia show will be one of the best memories for you from your journey in Rome!

The show in the forum offers astonishing moments and portray the life in Ancient Rome with amazing sound effects and extraordinary visuals projected on the ruins.

The voice in the story of Julius Caesar’s life is Piero Angela’s and he is one of the best science journalists around the world.

  • Close to the Trajan’s Column, you will find Trajan’s Forum – there you can enjoy the multimedia show about history,
  • You can listen to Piero Angela, a very important science journalist as astonishing projections are shared on the ruin walls,
  • The way you learn about the ancient Rome and the emperor Julius Caesar will be a surprise for you – enjoy!
What's Included
  • Entry to the show,
  • Audioguide with headset.
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Useful Info

The Forum of Julius Caesar, consecrated in 46 B.C. and later finished by Augustus was the first of the so-called Imperial Forums built with the spoils of victory from the Gallic Wars. Formed by a rectangular piazza surrounded on all sides by porticoes, it had at its center the Temple of Venus Genetrix.

The Julian family, to which Julius belonged, claimed to originate from Julo, or Ascanius, son of the Trojan hero Aeneas, who according to Homeric mythology was the son of the mortal Anchises and the Goddess Venus. The temple featured many works of art, among them the sculpture of Venus Genetrix by Arcesilao.

In its simplicity the Forum of Julius Caesar surpasses the narrow dimensions of the Republican age, and from an historical point of view, underlines the passage to the imperial age by anticipating the monumental complexes built by Caesar’s successors. The Forum was expanded by Trajan, who added the Basilica Argentaria.

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