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Let’s accept one thing – kids don’t like to see the remains from the ancient times or the museums with lots of cultural and artistic masterpieces. But if you visit these places with your kid, let the kid be rewarded and take him/her to this child-friendly amusement park in Rome!

At the amusement focused Luneur Park, everything from decoration to the activities are designed for children. See them enjoying the rollercoaster with caterpillar design, support elves to get rid of huge dragons and don’t worry about them missing the boring Colosseum.

Since this place is a theme park designed by keeping children in mind, all little guests are welcomed to make noise as they wish and reflect their amazement as they please. With the games and amazing rides, their imagination and creativity will also be affected positively.

Cheer for your kid while he/she is burning the wheels on the mini go-kart track and then, keep his/her hand and go to the well-known Ferris Wheel together. Feel yourself smiling as your kid enjoys the water slides, bouncy inflatables and many more – don’t forget to bring your camera to make the valuable moments immortal!

Freshen next to the Splash Zone where you can see beautiful flowers and magnolias as your kid enjoys the whirling water slides.

These is more than those rollercoasters and water slides and games. To improve your kid’s imagination, the park also offers fantasy characters and fictional characters like elves, ogres and wizards.

  • An amusement park with several cartoon characters, mini roller coasters, games that support creativity and more for kids,
  • Rise towards sky with Ferris wheel, enjoy mini go-kart to race, have quite the blast with amazing rollercoasters and swirl about waterslides,
  • Try interactive storytelling offers and play fun games so that your creativity and imagination can go wild when you see fantasy characters and amazing creatures like dragons, wizards and elves.
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