Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls Audio Guide

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Discover the biggest church in Rome after St Peter’s, initally established by Emperor Constantine the Great in the fourth century!

Discover the remarkable background of St. Paul’s Basilica outside the walls and choose from 2 audio guides: focus on the church itself, or go luxurious and find out about (and see) the Cloisters, the Pinacoteca and the Archaeological Area.

Find more about the life of a monk when you check out the Cloisters, constructed in between 1208 and 1235, and see genuine relics.

What's Included
  • Choice 1: Audio guide with ticket for St. Paul’s Basilica,
  • Choice 2: Audio guide with ticket for St. Paul’s Basilica, The Cloister, The Pinacoteca and also The Archeological Site.
What's not Included
  • Live guided tour.
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Useful Info

St Paul left Palestine for Rome in around AD 60. A few years later, perhaps following the burning of the city by Nero (54-68) in 64, the apostle was sentenced to death.

His status as a Roman citizen entitled him to be beheaded. He was buried by his disciples outside the city alongside the Via Ostiensis (modern Via Ostiense). The Emperor Constantine (312-337), eager to create a magnificent setting for the saint’s tomb, erected the first basilica in 324.

Even before the century ended, the influx of pilgrims was so great that the building could not accommodate them. It was enlarged to the extent that it now dwarfed the contemporary St Peter’s. This ‘major’ basilica suffered less in the way of disasters than its sister church of St John Lateran until the night of 15-16 July 1823, when fire swept through the roof timbers and destroyed Constantine’s venerable foundation.

Nowadays pilgrims still flock from all around the world to the latest St Paul’s, a faithful if somewhat cold-looking replica.

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