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If you need more, the Canaletto exhibition offers you many other works of arts from other galleries and well-known museums from all around the world.

Once very expensive to design, this palace designed by Cosimo Morelli is definitely one of the most impressive museums in Rome. Designed by Giuseppe Valadier and used by the Emperor Caligula, the interior staircase that consists of eighteen red granites expects to impress you.

Visit the exhibition area upstairs to discover the amazing collection of crafts, works of art, medieval frescoes and mosaics from St. Peter’s Basilica and now-destroyed Roman Church of Santa Maria.

Explore eikons of people from pioneer papal families or painting that portray Roman festivals and ceremonies drawn by Bartolomeo Pinelli and Giovanni Paolo Pannini as well we astonishing photos, clothes, ceramics and furniture.

Then, have some free time to eat a delicious snack and you are ready to move on with Piazza Navona.
Don’t miss the chance to include Canaletto Exhibition (1697-1768) to your ticket to explore some more from other galleries and museums located around the world.

Do you want to see art in Rome? Check the wide range of works – more than 100.000 pieces of drawings, paintings, statues, costumes, photographs, furniture and more at Palazzo Braschi in the Museum of Rome.

  • Designed by Giuseppe Valadier, one of the best neoclassical architects, central staircase expects your visit. See 18 columns of red granite used by the Emperor Caligula himself,
  • Have a look at Trevi Fountain, a unique design drawing, and a stunning old photograph of the Pantheon by Tommaso Cuccioni,
  • Don’t miss the chance to include Canaletto Exhibition to your ticket to explore some more from other galleries and museums from around the world.
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Cosimo Morelli designed this palace in 1780, on the site of the Palazzo Orsini-Santobono, for the nephew of Pius VI (Braschi). It was the last of the princely palaces erected in Rome by the papal families. It is in the form of a trapezoid, with one corner on Piazza San Pantaleo, and another on Via di Pasquino. Here, by the palace, we see the famous « Maestro Pasquino », a fragment of a statue of Menelaus, from the Hellenistic group of the III cent. B. C. portraying Menelaus supporting the dead body of Patrocles. The statue is very famous for the « pasquinades » satirical witticisms) placed on the pedestal by the people, in the period of the Papal State.

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