Pompeii and Vesuvius Day Trip from Rome

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Duration: 13 Hours
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Although the volcanic eruption in 79 AD was a catastrophe for Pompeii, the port city was also preserved by the volcanic ash almost perfectly.

Despite centuries passed, one can still discover the remains of Pompeii, walk on the streets and go inside the houses as well as bathrooms and places to eat food. In the meantime, your professional guide will try to tell you the final days of the city.

With A/C equipped, comfortable coach service that also offer an expert guide on board, you will travel from Rome to Pompeii. As an exclusive guest who shouldn’t wait in the line to access the city, enjoy your tour with your guide who will try to help you imagine the last days of this city before the volcanic eruption.

This is a guided tour, but you will also have some time to stroll in the city freely, before you have a classical Neapolitan pizza as lunch.

With a short coach ride, you can be standing on the skirts of the volcano. After 750 meters of hiking, you will be standing on the ground close to the crater of Mount Vesuvius, probably one of the most dangerous volcanoes around the world today – which sometimes still steams! Just imagine the devastation that the eruption did in the past – so strong that it blasts the city of Pompeii off the map. But you will not be there to imagine this disaster, right? Enjoy the astonishing view of Bay of Naples offered by the crater!

Mount Vesuvius is closed for walking during wintertime and in this time period, Naples is the next stop and, on your way, you will enjoy the stunning view of the volcano and you will hear your professional guide telling you the history lived around. In the impressive city of Naples, you will also have some free time until the coach takes you back to the city center of Rome.

  • With your professional, officially authorized guide and audio support via headsets, visit the Site of Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage,
  • From the top of Mount Vesuvius, enjoy the astonishing view,
  • With a professional tour guide on board, enjoy your trip from Rome with private coaches with air conditioning,
  • Taste delicious pizza Neopolitan.
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