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Discover among the world’s biggest and most spectacular exclusive fine art collections inside the stunning Colonna Palace. A real gem of Baroque Rome, the magnificent Colonna Gallery houses among the biggest exclusive fine art collections in Rome, with jaw-dropping artworks from heavyweights like Bronzino, Carracci, and also Guercino.

Step into the enchanting world of the Colonna Gallery, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Rome. A unique blend of a palatial residence and an exquisite art gallery, the Colonna Gallery offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in a world of Baroque art and architecture that has remained virtually untouched for centuries.

The Palazzo Colonna: A Masterpiece in Itself

The Colonna Gallery is housed within the historic Palazzo Colonna, a breathtaking example of Baroque architecture that has been the residence of the Colonna family for over 20 generations. The palace, adorned with intricate frescoes, opulent apartments, and lavish decorations, is a testament to the family’s prestigious status and love for the arts.

Gilded Staircases and Frescoed Ceilings

As you make your way through the palace, marvel at the grandeur of the Great Hall, where the family’s collection of Baroque paintings and sculptures are displayed. Ascend the ornate gilded staircases, taking in the vibrant frescoes that adorn the ceilings and walls, telling the story of the Colonna family’s illustrious history.

Colonna Gallery Tickets

Colonna Gallery Tickets – Step into the Colonna Palace and explore one of Rome’s finest collections of Baroque art. Get your ticket now to marvel at masterpieces by Carracci, Bronzino, and more in a grand palatial setting.

The Colonna Collection: Italian Art at Its Finest

The Colonna family’s passion for art is evident in their extensive collection of Italian masterpieces. The gallery boasts works by renowned artists such as Annibale Carracci, Agnolo Bronzino, and Giovanni Francesco Barbieri (Guercino), showcasing the finest examples of Baroque art.

  • The Hall of Landscapes – A Panoramic Delight: The Hall of Landscapes is a breathtaking spectacle, lined with the rural compositions of Gaspard Dughet and adorned with magnificent marble columns. The room offers a serene escape from the bustling streets of Rome, transporting you to the idyllic Italian countryside.
  • The Hall of the Apotheosis – Celebrating Martin V: Witness the grandeur of the Hall of the Apotheosis, a room dedicated to the glorification of Pope Martin V, a member of the Colonna family. The hall’s centerpiece is an awe-inspiring ceiling canvas by Benedetto Luti, depicting the ascension of Martin V to the heavens.
  • The Chapel and Tapestry Room – Timeless Artistry: Explore the palace’s intimate chapel, featuring original paintings by Paolo Farinati that celebrate religious themes. The Tapestry Room offers a glimpse into the intricate craftsmanship of the early 1600s, displaying woven designs that showcase the family’s wealth and influence.

A Visit to Remember: The Colonna Gallery Experience

A visit to the Colonna Gallery is a journey through time, offering a rare opportunity to explore one of Italy’s most prestigious private art collections in its original setting. From the grand architecture of the Palazzo Colonna to the priceless artworks within, the Colonna Gallery is a must-see for art lovers and history buffs alike. Discover the beauty and splendor of Baroque Rome at the Colonna Gallery, a truly unforgettable experience.

What's Included
  • Entry to the Colonna Palace,
  • Cost-free guided tour (in English, French, or Italian – optional).
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