Pantheon Guided Tour

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Embark on an extraordinary journey through time as you explore the Pantheon, Rome’s best-preserved ancient monument. Learn about its fascinating history, marvel at the world’s largest unsupported dome, and uncover the stories behind the tombs of renowned figures, including the legendary artist Raphael.

Delve deeper into the Pantheon’s history as you explore its impeccably preserved interior. Admire the intricate marble flooring, the elegant Corinthian columns, and the stunning frescoes that adorn its walls. Your knowledgeable guide will reveal lesser-known facts about the Pantheon, its storied past, and the artistic treasures it contains.


The heart of the ancient Campus Martius or Field of Mars was close by the Piazza Navona, in the area surrounding the Pantheon. It is still a district of small, busy side streets swarming with churches, palazzi, and enticing squares. Beside the Palazzo Madama, former residence of the Medici and now the home of the Senate, stands the church of San Luigi dei Francesi – literally, St Louis of the French. Completed in 1589, it is the national church for French expatriates in Rome, and its stately facade displays the salamander, emblem of Francis I.

Inside are three famous paintings by Caravaggio illustrating the life of St Matthew. Not far away, make sure you visit the attractive Renaissance courtyard of the Palazzo della Sapienza. Here you will find a little jewel by the Baroque architect Borromini: the Sant’Ivo Chapel. Leaving the maze of straight and shadowy side streets, you suddenly come out into the Piazza della Rotonda: a beautiful setting for the imposing bulk of the Pantheon.

Pantheon Guided Tour

Pantheon Guided Tour

This, the best preserved of all Rome’s ancient monuments, was raised by Agrippa in the first century BC; rebuilt by Hadrian ( 117-138), it was transformed into a church in the seventh century. The dome which crowns its geometric design is 43.30 m ( 142 ft) in diameter and one of the largest ever constructed.

Two other important Roman churches lie close to the Pantheon. Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, the city’s only Gothic building, overlooks a square with a sculpture of an elephant carrying an obelisk: one of Bernini’s caprices. Further to the north, Sant’Ignazio is famous for its painted vaulting, celebrating St Ignatius of Loyola’s triumphal entry to Paradise.

Dress Code and Restrictions

As the Pantheon is a church, appropriate attire is required:

  • No shorts or short skirts,
  • No sleeveless shirts,
  • Shoulders and back must be covered.

Please note that the Pantheon may be subject to closure without prior notice for masses, concerts, or extraordinary events.

Embark on a captivating journey through the Pantheon’s rich history and marvel at the architectural achievements of ancient Rome. Book your guided tour today and experience the grandeur and majesty of this timeless monument.

Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation up to 1 day before tour starts.

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