Rome: Digital City Tour App

from €10.00 EUR 
 Seller: Tiqets

Enjoy this sightseeing tour, of which guide is you, to explore more than 125 points that may interest you – thanks to this cool mobile phone application! Listen to the stories, make use of offline maps, check different walking itineraries, find the best spots to take a photo and check the suggested public transportation routes.

Future is in your hands – why to waste your time with crowded group tours when you are able to explore the best places of the Eternal City by yourself with your headphones and mobile phone?

Just like you can do for this ticket, the Digital City Tour can be downloaded as well to your smartphone. Once you installed and activated it, you will be able to access offline maps, audio guided tours and many more – see what you want, at the time you wish, as you wish.

The capital city will look so good with this app that offers info about suggested tram and bus routes, free Wi-Fi spots and audio guided walking tours.

  • Enjoy stories, which describe more than 125 Points of Rome with one app, told by locals,
  • Try the suggested roadmap on foot or with public transport – you can also create your way,
  • Make use of offline maps, suggestions for best spots for amazing photos and free Wi-Fi areas.
What's Included
  • Audio guide (avaible in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Mandarin ),
  • Public transport ticket (24-hour access),
  • Vox City Guide app with 125+ points.
Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and changes are not possible for this app.

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