Rome City Tour: Pantheon, Trevi, Colosseum and Roman Forum

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Duration: 3 Hours
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You will have the chance to visit some of the most famous sites in Rome with this 3-hour tour.

Your experienced tour guide will help you get informed about these recent and ancient landmarks in Rome. You will have the chance to learn more information about the stories and history of these areas while also visiting the following sites:

Trevi Fountain,
● Capitoline Hill,
● Roman Forum,
● Colosseum.

You will witness how it feels to be a slave, emperor, and gladiator during the Roman Empire ruled by witnessing the texture of the Empire during the tour.

  • Find out more about some important historical sites such as Piazza Navona and Trevi Fountain,
  • An experienced guide will accompany you during the tour to make sure you don’t miss anything,
  • This 3-hour Rome tour will help you to learn more about the history of the city.
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Useful Info

The Pantheon, in the historical centre of the City, is one of the best kept ancient monuments in the world. So called because it was a temple dedicated to many deities, particularly to Mars and Venus, it was built by order of the consul Agrippa, friend and son-in-law of Augustus, in 27 BC.

Surprisingly, almost all we can admire today of this famous monument, goes back to Roman times, even the dome and the massive bronze door of the entrance, which goes back to Hadrian’s time (76-138 AD), the emperor who had it re-built in 130 AD. In 609 the building became a Christian church and this probably contributed to its preservation, as in other similar cases. In the interior, where once there were the statues of various gods, there are some tombs, among which those of King Victor Emmanuel II, Humbert I and the Queen Margharet and Raphael Sanzio, the famous painter.

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