Ticket Pack: Papal Palace, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Vatican Gardens

Duration: 11 Hours
 Seller: Tiqets

If you want to get the most out of your Vatican visit, this tour is just the one you should choose. Have access to Vatican Museums before anyone else (even before opening time) and stop by at the Gardens of the Pontifical Villas located in Castel Gandolfo – but don’t miss this chance, because this is a time-limited offer!

Exclusive Early Access to Vatican Museums and Gardens

As an esteemed partner of the Vatican, we are proud to offer you an unparalleled opportunity to explore the Vatican Museums and Gardens before the doors open to the general public. Wander through the impressive galleries, adorned with some of the world’s most renowned masterpieces, and learn about the history and culture of the Vatican with an informative audio guide available in multiple languages.

Castel Gandolfo: Apostolic Palace and Gardens of the Pontifical Villas

In order to enjoy your Saturday, you can start the day with Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in the early-morning time and then you can continue with exploring Vatican Gardens (audio guidance is available). After this start, you will leave from Vatican Train Station for the classical Italian town, as if it is a scene from a fairy tale, called “Castel Gandolfo”, where popal summer residence can also be found.

Situated on the rim of the crater, and overlooking Lake Albano, the village is known mainly on account of its choice as a Papal Summer residence. The Palazzo Papale was built by Pope Urban VIII in 1624 and it has been used by most pontiffs since then. The Papal Villa has a magnificent park and contains the telescopes of the Vatican Observatory. Castel Gandolfo was built according to legend over the ruins of Alba Longa, founded by Ascanius, son of Aeneas, and was the chief town of the Latin League in the days of the Kings of Rome.

Next, by using the shuttle, take the road for Pontifical Villas. Remember the Vatican Gardens time – we you impressed? If yes, prepare for more: you will see the summer residence of pope. You will be offered a bus tour around the place with audio guidance and you will also have free time to explore the place, eat some Italian food, shop and have a cup of coffee.

Ready to try the Italian cuisine? Have Italian lunch meal including an appetizer, main meal, soft drink and a dessert of your choice. After the rest time, you should visit the Apostolic Palace – an amazing place, designed by Carlo Maderno. Did you know that Pope uses this place as home sometimes? Yes, he is. By the end of this astonishing day, you will return to Rome with train again.


Appetizers: Non-alcoholic aperol; mixed fried food (Ascoli olives, potatoes croquettes, mini-supplì); various types of cheese from local farms; delicious cold meat cuts; porchetta DOP (roasted pork, traditional); three seasonal vegetables; bruschettas of your choice.
Main dish (Chef’s choice): Amatriciana; orecchiette with arugula and cherry tomato pesto; strozzapreti with pork cheek (guanciale), zucchini, and roman mint; fusilli with gricia sauce (pork cheek together with Pecorino cheese) and artichoke; saffron risotto topped with porcini mushrooms; chicory risotto with speck; ragù lasagna; ricotta cheese and spinach crepes with provolone cheese and cherry tomatoes; cacio e pepe spaghetti (cheese&black pepper); carbonara rigatoni.
Dessert: Fruit salad (of the season); Italian sweet of your choice.
Drinks: Castelli Romani wine, red or white, and mineral water.

Book Your VIP Tour Today

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the Vatican City and Pontifical Villas in VIP style. With limited availability, this exclusive tour is a must for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of the Vatican’s history, art, and architecture. Reserve your spot now to secure your place on this unforgettable journey.

  • Do you want to feel the exclusive? Take the chance to see Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel before anyone else!
  • With audio guide service included, explore three among the most religious locations on earth in one day: Castel Gandolfo, Vatican Museums and Vatican Gardens.
  • Just a note: Castel Gandolfo, which has been publicly open since early 2014 and is the place serving as papal residence, offers limited amount of visitor tickets.
What's Included
  • Skip-the-line Entry to Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens, Apostolic Palace, and Gardens of the Pontifical Villas,
  • Audio guide for the Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens and Gardens of the Pontifical Villas,
  • Roundtrip with train from the Vatican to Castel Gandolfo,
  • Trip of the Gardens of the Pontifical Villas by environmentally friendly transport,
  • Three-course meal with beverages (if selected).
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations are not possible for this pack.
  • Changes are possible for this pack.
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