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Things to do in Turin

Things to do in Turin

The Province of Turin shares a border with France and Val d’Aosta and extends to Pinerolo, Valdi Susua, and the rolling hills to the east and south of the actual city of Turin. It’s here that you’ll find impressive alpine resorts, seemingly endless stretches of vineyards, pasturelands, and expansive forests. You’ll also find several nature reserves here that include Gran Paradiso National Park and the Sacro Monte Natural Reserve.

Things to do in Turin

The Sacra di San Michele (Saint Michael’s) Abbey, Turin, Italy, overlooking Val di Susa valley

Things to do in Turin: What to See?

One of the must see places in the province of Turin is the actual city of Turin. This unique city has a lot to offer with its modern feel mixed with a traditional old world charm. If architecture is your thing, consider seeing some of the impressive building erected by the prestigious Savoy family, including their former residences. Check out the Palazzo Madama, Palazzo Reale, and Palazzo Carignano as well for a taste of Turin’s history. The city of Turin is also known for its automobile production, thus also home to the Automobile Museum. There’s also an Egyptian Museum and the National Museum of Cinema for those who are fans of Italian cinema.

The historical Basilica di Superga, which houses the tombs of the House of Savoy as well as an important shrine to the Virgin Mary, can be visited just outside of the city of Turin in the surrounding hilly countryside

La luna dietro Superga

If you’re in the mood for some spectacular scenery and skiing, the Province of Turin can definitely deliver on that. In the Val di Susa region, like the villages of Avigliana and Susa, where you’ll see some breathtaking views of the snow-covered Alps. Some other great towns to visit for soaking up the refreshing atmosphere include Moncalieri, Pinerolo, and Chieri. For those travelers looking to seek out the best powder to satisfy their winter sports cravings, Turin Province offers some of the best slopes in Northern Italy. Whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, ice-skating, or just plain old trekking, resorts like Cesana Torinese, San Sicario, and Sauze d’Oulx are ready and waiting to help you have an amazing time while seeing some of the most gorgeous scenery around.

The Turin Province isn’t just for winter sports enthusiasts. To the south, you’ll find perfect locations for cycling, horseback riding, walking, and even canoeing and rafting.

Things to do in Turin

The church of San Lorenzo, Turin, Italy at sunset

Things to do in Turin: What to Eat?

Turin Province is known for a wide variety of delicious specialties that include grissini (bread sticks), vermouth, and gianduja chocolates. As far as typical main dishes go, you’ll tend to find small squares of pasta filled with vegetables and meat topped with a savory gravy and home grown sage. A delectable, wide range of desserts are also available including a sweet, delicious native drink made with coffee, chocolate, and cream. And of course, one can’t forget about the incredible array of cheeses and wines available throughout Turin.

Things to do in Turin: Where to Stay?

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