Colosseum Restoration

Colosseum Restoration

The loss of the Colosseum’s original function as an arena led to its progressive decay and alteration. It was stripped of its metal fittings and the stone was carted away for reuse as building material. But the edifice was never completely abandoned: between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries it was incorporated into the fortress of the Frangipane family, and in the sixteenth century the arena was consecrated and a chapel built on it.

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries greater interest in preserving relics of the past led to a ban on the removal of stone for building material. The first systematic excavations began in the nineteenth century and revealed the structures below the arena. There was extensive restoration.

Since then scholars have explored the Colosseum systematically and there is currently an imposing program of archaeological studies, restoration and defence of the monument.

Restoration works around the Colosseum, of 33 million Dollars, are virtually over in 2016 with the sponsorship. Numerous archaeologians, engineers, designers, specialized employees and also conservators added to the restoration works and the great results have actually been gotten with their enthusiasm, experience and also devotion.

Colosseum Restoration

The Colosseum in Rome with restore works in progress on the facade. The Colosseum or Coliseum, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre in Rome, Italy on June 24, 2015.

Colosseum Restoration


Restoration jobs are all finished with the complete regard to the structure and the atmosphere. Restoration works on Colosseum started after nearly 3 years of argument in 2013. 6 million vacationers check out the Colosseum annually as well as the building not folded throughout restoration works so they might take place going to there. The exterior of the structure was cleansed, fractures were fixed and also the steel arcs were gotten rid of on the ground degree.

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Air pollution had actually transformed the rock colour now the structure’s travertine sedimentary rock is a lively dark ivory shade. This was the initial complete cleansing in the Colosseum’s background. Restorations to Rome’s Colosseum brought the old arena back to life.

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