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Italian Phrases for Travel

Italian Phrases for Travel

Italian in the mouth of a Roman can be be a lazy, guttural language, laden with dialect and at times incomprehensible even to native speakers. (Generally, the further south you go in Italy, the more opaque the dialects.) Nonetheless, you should be able to make yourself understood, and Italians respond to foreigners who make an effort to speak their language.

Italian Phrases for Travel

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Younger Romans may have a smattering of English, and in up-scale hotels and restaurants you should have few problems. Most Italian words are pronounced as written, with each vowel arad consonant sounded. Consonants are generally the same as in English, except for c when followed by i or e, when it becomes the soft ch of ‘children’; otherwise, c is hard, as in the English ‘cat’.
The same applies to g when followed by i or e—soft in giardino, as in the English ‘giant’; hard in gat to, as in ‘gate’.
Words ending in o are almost always masculine gender (plural: i); those ending in a are feminine (plural: e).

Italian Phrases for Travel: Days of the week

  • Monday: lunedi
  • Tuesday: martedi
  • Wednesday: mercoledi
  • Thursday: giovedi
  • Friday: venerdi
  • Saturday: sabato
  • Sunday: Domenica

Italian Phrases for Travel: Months of the Year

  • January: gennaio
  • February: febbraio
  • March: marzo
  • April: aprile
  • May: maggio
  • June: giugno
  • July: luglio
  • August: agosto
  • September: settembre
  • October: ottobre
  • November: novembre
  • December: dicembre

Viva Italia - Italian Phrases for Travel

Italian Phrases for Travel: Numbers

  • one: uno
  • two: due
  • three: tre
  • four: quattro
  • five: cinque
  • six: sei
  • seven: sette
  • eight: otto
  • nine: nove
    10: dieci
    11: undid
    12: dodici
    13: tredici
    14: quattordici
    15: quindici
    16: sedici
    17: diciassette
    18: diciotto
    19: diciannove
    20: venti
  • 30: trenta
  • 40: quaranta
  • 50: cinquanta
  • 60: sessanta
  • 70: settanta
  • 80: ottanta
  • 90: novanta
    100: cento
    101: cento uno
  • 200: duecento
    1.000: mille
    2.000: due mila
  • 1,000,000: milione


Italian Phrases for Travel: Basic Vocabulary

  • OK/alright: va bene
  • please: per favore
  • thank you: grazie
  • you’re welcome: prego
  • good morning: buon giorno
  • good afternoon/good evening: buona sera
  • good night: buona notte
  • morning: mattino
  • afternoon: pomeriggio
  • evening: sera
  • night: notte
  • early: presto
  • late: tardi
  • yesterday: ieri
  • today: oggi
  • tomorrow: domani
  • next week: la settimana prossima
  • last week: la settimana scorsa
  • here: qui/qua
  • there: li / la
  • small: piccolo
  • large: grande
  • nothing: niente
  • what?: che?
  • who?: chi?
  • where?: dove?
  • when?: quando?
  • why?: perche?
  • how?: come?
  • how much is it?: quant’e?
  • expensive: caro
  • good: buono
  • bad: cattivo
  • beautiful: bello
  • ugly: brutto
  • well: bene
  • badly: male
  • with: con
  • but: ma
  • and: e/ed
  • very: molto
  • all: tutto
  • near: vicino
  • far: lontano
  • on the left: a sinistra
  • on the right: a destra
  • straight ahead: diritto
  • slow: piano
  • fast: presto/rapido
  • hot: caldo
  • cold: freddo
  • up: su
  • down: giu
  • open: aperto
  • closed: chiuso
  • entrance: entrata
  • exit: uscita
  • how are you?: come sta?
  • very well, thank you: benissimo, grazie
  • do you speak English?: parla inglese?
  • I would like…:  vorrei…
  • do you have…?: avete…?
  • is there…?: c’e un…?
  • what time is it?: che ore sono?
  • I’m sorry: mi scusi
  • I don’t know: non lo so
  • I don’t understand: non capisco
  • excuse me (to attract attention): senta
  • excuse me (on a bus, train, etc): permesso
  • help: aiuto

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Rome is the most important tourist destination in the world. Get your ticket in advance to avoid spending time in museum queues. Do not wait long queues to enter the Colosseum and the Vatican.

People waiting to enter the Vatican Museums

People waiting to enter the Vatican Museums

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