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Colosseum under the Snow

Colosseum under Snow

The Flavian Amphitheathre, most frequently called the Colosseum, is among the most well-known structures from the ancient world and is definitely among the most renowned signs of the città eterna, Rome. The name of the structure defi nes its shape; amphi suggests 2, or on both sides, and the structure shape is created by putting 2 theatres dealing with one another to form an elliptic structure. The epithet Colosseum dates to the Middle ages duration and describes a big Roman statue which was positioned beside the amphitheatre, not out there today. This statue was of Emperor Nero (54-68 AD) and was self-commissioned. He had actually desired a mega gold-coloured statue of himself in the location where he had actually built his delicious palace, called the Domus Aurea.

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