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Forum of Augustus

Rome - Forum of Augustus ruins at night

The construction of the Forum of Augustus, with surface area of over a hectare, was decided by a vow pronounced by Octavian, later the Emperor Augustus, before the battle of Philippi against Caesar’s assassins (42 BC). Its significance lies in the temple to Mars Ultor (the Avenger) that dominates its north side.

reconstruction sketch of Forum of Augustus

the remains of the Temple of Mars Ultor in the Forum of Augustus and, below, a reconstruction of the structures.

Work on the new- forum went on for almost forty and it was inaugurated in 2 BC. The function of this monumental space was to provide greater space for the crowd than the Roman Forum and Caesar’s Forum. But it became above all a centre of display designed to glorify the emperor, who is represented on a majestic triumphal chariot in the middle of the square.

Forum of Augustus - 3D Model

Forum of Augustus – 3D Model (Photo Credit: Nike in Rome)

Forum of Augustus with the remains of Temple of Mars Ultor

Landscape view of Forum with the remains of Temple of Mars Ultor in the foreground

The Forum of Augustus had a distinctively military character: it was here that the senate would meet to declare war or peace and here were erected the statues of victorious generals, who were no longer awarded a triumph as this was now the exclusive privilege of the emperors.

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Distance to the Colosseum

Forum of Augustus set in the Imperial Forums, 0,7 km from (9 min walk) from Colosseum.